Monday, May 13, 2013

A Business Nomad Down Under - Kiwi Chronicles Continued

By Pascal Dennis

The Spirit of Christchurch

In September 2010 and February 2011, major earthquakes struck Christchurch, New Zealand's second biggest city.

In all, 185 people were killed. Damage estimates exceed $ 40 billion NZ.

Much of the inner city is still off limits because hundreds of buildings are still unstable.

The lovely old cathedral the graced Cathedral Square is perhaps the most heartbreaking ruin.

In the tough, quiet, Kiwi manner, the people of Christchurch are rebuilding.

The most obvious example is "Container City", a new downtown shopping district & outdoor art gallery comprising 20 & 40 foot shipping containers, all in sight of the ruins!

I spent a pleasant afternoon there, admiring Kiwi creativity & tenacity.

I also took in Quake City, the museum & multi-media memorial to the victims.

The stories are harrowing and heroic. People putting themselves on the line for total strangers.

A collective pulling together, an utter refusal to give up, or to take advantage of the less fortunate -- (quite the contrary, in fact).

There's an old saying: Who you are on a bad day, is who you are.

If you want to learn about Kiwis, go to Christchurch.




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