Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Business Nomad Among the Kiwis (Part 1)

By Pascal Dennis

As you may know, I was privileged to spend several weeks in Oceania in February.

Here are some impressions of New Zealand -- jewel of the Pacific, land of the Maori, Middle Earth, home of Hobbits, Orcs and Wizards.

First morning, farm country on the North Island

Pleasing country scents -- sheep & cattle, hay & rustic country life.

Very quiet. Sprawling open country, not as green as usual due to a severe drought -- no rain since Christmas.

Though a long way from home, I feel at home.

My Kiwi colleagues are tough, smart & professional.

They know they can't depend on natural resources, (unlike their Aussie cousins.)

They remind me of Canadians. Tough, dour, sardonic. Rugby and ice hockey - broken noses & no complaints.

Ready to dig the ball out of the scrum, or the puck out of the corner.

Are abundant natural resources a blessing -- or a curse?

Can natural resources make you complacent, relinquishing the hard, necessary road of manufacturing?

(Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, world-beaters all, have comparatively few natural resources. So they focus on Human resources...)

My Kiwi colleagues have done all the homework I've asked of them. They ask good questions and are eager to learn.

It's going to be a good week.

All for now,



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