Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lean & the Non-Profits?

By Pascal Dennis

Charity is a fundamental virtue.

We have to help those entangled in the 'web of circumstance'.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

More and more, I like to give of myself, my time and effort.

It's concrete, and NGOs & non-profits are in dire need of Lean support.

Are they not swimming in waste?

Over-processing, defects & delay are perhaps the most obvious.

For example, I've donated annually to a well-known children's charity.

Yet they continually send me, at high cost, the same bulk mail, even after I wrote and asked them not to.

Over-processing and defect waste, no?

I'm passionate about helping people with disabilities, and have offered to help half a dozen agencies involved in such work.

Only one has bothered to respond and the message was, 'Thanks, but no thanks.'

Are NGO's and Non-Profits not interested in running better?

Sadly, the message seems to be: "Just send us your money. We'll figure out how to spend it."

Sorry, you'll figure out how to waste it...

(Am I becoming cynical?)

Like any organization, NGO's and Non-Profits have a purpose, customers and processes.

Why shouldn't they be as effective as Apple, Amazon, Toyota, GE or any great organization?




  1. Another problem is the absence of transparency.

    It's hard to get good info on how donations are spent, what percent goes to admin and so on.